Child and courage: 4 tips to raise brave children

happy-childrenCourage has many faces. There is courage in the absence of fear and in being a confident person who knows exactly what you want and what you will stand for.

Enery parent’s dream is to raise a courageous child who will be able to make the difference between right and wrong and have the courage to stand up for what is right without being afraid of ridicule and rejection.

Step 1
Remember that courage is more of a moral trait than it is a physical one. According to Laura Markham, a mother and clinical psychologist, if you want to raise a courageous child you need to focus more on modeling moral behavior, so he learns that making the right decision is more important than making the popular decision.

Step 2
Ask your child questions that help teach her what it means to make moral decisions, advises child expert Michele Borba. When your child is faced with a decision, ask her what she thinks is the right choice, the best choice, the popular choice and the one that will make the biggest, most positive difference. When you raise questions like those, you help her understand that all situations require thought as well as how to approach a circumstance with her morals intact.

Step 3
Keep your cool when your kid doesn’t always show courage. For example, if you know he and his friends accidentally broke your favorite lamp and he refuses to admit his wrongdoing, don’t assume that he isn’t courageous. Sometimes children let their fear get the best of them, but as they grow up and become more mature they tend to become more courageous.

Step 4
Ask for her opinions on different scenarios and assess how her judgment differs from yours. You cannot raise a courageous child if you do not teach her to speak her opinion and stand up for her own beliefs, even when her opinion differs from others. Those with true courage are not afraid to stand up for their beliefs when others disagree.