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Κids pizza racers

In the evening instead of the classic toast try to serve children a pizza racer that will delight them. A quick and easy recipe for children's party.


4 hot dog buns (not split)
1/2 cup pizza sauce or pasta sauce
2 cups shredded cheese
16 pepperoni slices
4 pretzel twists
16 stick pretzels
16 cucumber circles

Have your mom turn the oven to 375F. Go get steak knife, and take out the insides of the hot dog bun. Cut a little spot for the pretzel steering wheel. Now you have to get a spoon and put a little bit of the pizza sauce inside the bun, then four pepperoni slices and then some shredded cheese. You can spoon a little more sauce on top. Have your mom put it in the oven for 5 minutes until the cheese is melted. Mom will take it from the oven and it’s really hot so you have to leave it alone for a bit. But now it’s time to make the wheels. Get a cucumber circle and poke it with a stick pretzel. You have to make all the wheels. When the racer car won’t burn you, poke the cucumber wheels into the buns. Then put the curly pretzel in the spot for the steering wheel.