Philippines: Police imprisoned abandoned children to keep the streets clean for the Pope

παιδιά στη φυλακήPoor children as young as five years old have been rounded up from doorways and roadsides by police and officials and put behind bars in recent weeks, in a cynical attempt to make the capital of Philippines more presentable ahead of the visit by Pope Francis, according to an exclusive report of Daily Mail.

Hundreds of boys and girls are forced to live in brutal detention centers with adult criminals, because of the current visit of Pope to the country.

φυλακισμένα παιδιά

24A2F69000000578-2906730-PIX_for_Mail_Online_Exclusive_Street_Children_in_Manila_jailed_a-a-9_1421135531411Despite the country’s own child protection laws, the terrified children remain locked up in filthy detention centers, where they sleep on concrete floors and many of them are beaten by adult prisoners and, in some cases, starved and chained to pillars.

24A2F0C200000578-2906730-image-a-19_1421087819469Six million people are expected to attend an open air mass conducted by Pope Francis in Manila’s Rizal Park on Sunday, which will watched by a global TV audience and officials appear determined to ensure that urchins are hidden from view.

Source: Daily Mail